I taught my daughters to drive. Aside from a few times when they were teens they have been good, safe and responsible girls. Now, they have reached an age of mature judgment and reasonably good sense,(unless we are talking politics but that is another topic)

That being said brings me to the purpose of this short blog. Recently I have purchased a used white garden tractor. My younger daughter has a John
Deere and has extolled its fine qualities since she has been the overly proud owner of it. She has since driven my old White and she still brags about the green and yellow wimp machine, but she grabs the White whenever she sees it under the pretext that she wants to be helpful and do some of my tractor chores. Away she goes until I have to gas it up when I am fortunate enough to get a chance to use it.

My first daughter has been visiting from Florida. Knowing that she is a quite mature individual I offered her my White for her yard work. She was hesitant but my other daughter talked her into driving it. Now I will probably need to break up squabbles and keep the key in my pocket.

A couple of days ago, my younger wanted to bring some equipment from her mile distant place to my lawn for sale. It is a snow blower and bagger designed for her green machine. Of course the load was so great that she “needed” the White to haul it. So, the girls loaded the machinery and elder asked to take said White dpwn the road to get the load. A while later they asked me to come out and view the machinery and I did and all was well.

Even later. I heard the daughters talking and giggling like little girls who had stolen cookies or got into mothers make up. After a few moments of conversation, the truth came out. It seems that before the wagon was hooked to the White, someone threw a challenge at someone else. The race was ON! Younger wanted to prove her green machine could beat the White Wonder in a drag race since there is a lot og room there. Away they went! The first to return after circling the woodchuck hoe 299 yards away would be the winner. The white was off like a Kentucky Derby sprinter and elder was in the lead and going away . As they neared the finish line, in her excitement, she stood to pump her fist and cheer as she was about to cross the line. Little did she know! There is a safety switch on the seat of these tractors and if you stand for any reason the engine quits!

Now, I have had to hear about how Johnny beat Whitey in a race! SIGH!!!



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